Time for a Change

August 27, 2014 Donald Home Improvement

The teal and yellow combination isn’t doing it for me. And I don’t know how we can hang a towel on the the nonexistent towel rack. Luckily, our toilet is still in good shape.

And really, I gotta be thankful we have a toilet, right? At least we don’t have to use a bucket.

We are planning our house’s Bolton bathrooms. We have the tile chosen and the paint picked out. The bathtub will have relaxing jets for when one of us wants to take a relaxing bath. One room with be solely for the kids, and one will be for the adults.

Just thinking about a new bathroom makes me feel peaceful. I can smell it too with “Tranquility” and “Serenity” burning on the counter.

But before that happens, I guess we gotta get out the sledge hammer and gut the room. Maybe we will be using a bucket for a while after all.


The Office Icon

July 3, 2014 Donald Business

As CEO of a company, I am in meetings several times a day. This fast pace makes me heated; so I look to my valued office assistant to keep me intact.

An assistant like no other, none compares to the air conditioner. I idolize it for the relief its air conditioning Oldham brings. Affectionately named, The Office Icon, it earns its title loyally.

Heed this warning, however; this loyal assistant needs occasional TLC.

The air conditioner’s scheduled maintenance was due just when prospective clients were coming to town. The summer heat was at its peak upon their arrival. The conference room was set including an elaborate buffet with chocolate éclairs and ice cold beverages at each place setting.

With chocolate dripping onto the carpet and moisture from melting ice smearing the ink on meeting agendas, we realized The Office Icon’s TLC never occurred; a hard lesson well learned!


Childhood Gardening Fun

July 1, 2014 Donald Gardening

When I was growing up, my family had a huge backyard. We would all plant a garden every year. I come from a big family. I have nine siblings. I remember having lots of fun digging in the dirt, planting the seeds. We would all take care of the garden, weeding it and watering it when it needed to be done. I remember; we all had a lot of fun.

We would pick all the vegetation, when it was done growing. We would can, jar, make jellies and sauces, out of all the things we grew. I loved doing this as a kid.

Now, that I am older, and I have to do all the work myself. It just isn’t fun, for me anymore. I need to go to the instant hedging store and pick up my instant garden.


If It Were Only For Love

June 22, 2014 Donald Sports

“Look at these people! They call themselves lovers of the real sport. Son watch this swing and see how much your papa loves to tee his way onto the green. You hear that kid? The perfect swing, and the perfect love for humility. Those over there, trying hard but not succeeding? They have no love for this. I, on the other hand, love to putt, swing, and chip. Here take this.” “No papa!” “Well alright then. I supposed you can’t force love into the heart of any man. Just put this here ball on that tee and let me put my muscles to good work. Your daddy needs the love of exercise, you see.” He lands his mark onto the fairway. “Son, grab me that there iron.” A foul hit leads him into a silica sand bunker. He tries his first attempt. It’s a failure. Another and another. He now slams his club into the ground. “Damn-it son, I hate golf!”


Relaxation with a Twist

March 25, 2014 Donald Massage

I love going to the spa. So, I was happy to go along when a friend suggested having a thai massage Bristol. Looking back, I should have asked a few questions. However, my thoughts were only ‘it’s a massage; I mean what would I need to know’.

What I needed to know was that I was about to be turned into a human pretzel by a woman that was not much bigger than a sprite. That this experience would be like doing yoga, involuntarily, I might add. That it may hurt or at the very least that it would be far more aggressive than any spa treatment, I had ever had.

Do you remember that toy from the 1980s, Stretch Armstrong, which kids would push and pull into preposterous shapes? That is essentially what the pressure and stretching were like during the session. Perhaps that I would be fully clothed would have been useful information, before I began to undress much to the stifled amusement of my masseuse. However, I would note that after the initial shock and perhaps a little fear of this small woman that could bend and stretch me into crazy positions, that I felt remarkable after having this unique massage.

Would I do it again –absolutely!


Teaching is Stressful

March 21, 2014 Donald Therapy

As a middle school classroom teacher, the stress level is high on a daily basis. There are always meetings to attend, parent conferences to schedule, papers to grade, lesson plans to write, students to teach, and tutoring sessions to hold. There are classroom disruptions that must be managed, students who need to be motivated, and questions to answer. On top of all that, there are lessons to be taught, remediation groups to help, and struggling students to get caught up to grade level. Sometimes, I just want to stay in bed for a week and relax with no worries of school and needy children.

Last week, I decided I deserved something special, so I made an appointment for a thai massage Manchester. It was worth it! I got to relax and forget about my cares and worries for awhile as I truly felt calm for the first time in a very long time.


Old Age Repercusions

March 7, 2014 Donald Old Age

Are you, or someone you know, dealing with old age repercusions? Old age is something that many americans try to avoid. And with many new inventions shaping our world, it does seem possible. Maybe you can not avoid it forever, but in many situations, you can prolong the negative effect of old age. At a certain age, many people will notice a difference in their body. Including changes in their hearing, seeing, bodily movement or maybe neurological changes. We all have experiences of some kind, with a relative that shouts, because of hearing loss. Manchester hearing aids, have become more common among older citizens. They are a way to hold on to what you once had, the ability to hear near and far. Seek advice, and gain knowledge of options. Turn a negative situation into a positive one. Age brings wisdom, but sometimes the old, need help from the young.


Getting Motivation and Drive When Working Out

February 11, 2014 Donald Weight Loss

My personal trainer Bristol is the one who keeps me fully motivated on a day-to-day basis whenever I need to workout. I always heard of trainers who work with individuals who want to lose weight and I just never saw the point in having someone like this in your life. That was until I actually started working with one on my own. It was great to have someone there who was keeping me going even when I felt like quitting.

I have never looked back since working out with a trainer and I’ve been recommending the same thing to my friends who struggle to get going in the gym each morning. I love the motivation and drive that my trainer has given to me and I always look forward to our sessions together. I cannot wait to be completely fit and healthy so that I look the best I’ve ever looked in my life.